Thank you for your interest the Law Firm of Kruse, Reinker, & Hamilton LLC. To better serve our clients and operate more efficiently, please be advised the attorneys of Kruse, Reinker & Hamilton, LLC have split our operations into two separate entities:

  1. Edward C. Kruse, Attorney at Law, LLC New Phone: 314-333-4141
  2. Reinker, Hamilton & Piper LLC. Phone: 314-333-4140

We are all still located at the same office address:

2016 S Big Bend Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63117

Please note the following new entity attorney affiliations, websites and email addresses as follows:

Edward C. Kruse, Attorney at Law, LLC
Edward Kruse -
Sean O’Hanlon –

Reinker, Hamilton & Piper, LLC
Randall Reinker -
Bob Hamilton -
Jennifer Piper -
John Fenley -
Curtis Niewald -

Please be advised that the entity Kruse, Reinker & Hamilton, LLC is in the process of winding down and separating our operations as set forth above effective immediately. Please terminate any and all accounts with the entity Kruse, Reinker & Hamilton LLC and take notice of the new attorney affiliations associated with the new entities as listed above.

Thank you for your attention to this. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Edward C. Kruse, Attorney at Law, LLC
Reinker, Hamilton & Piper, LLC
Randall Reinker,
Bob Hamilton, and
Jennifer Piper