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Letting Attorneys Help You

Will A Judge Release You On Your Own Recognizance After A DUI?

Dolores Rice

There is a legal term called "released on your own recognizance" (ROR) which is used to refer to the ability to get out of jail without paying bail. This is something many people turn to when they find themselves in jail after a DUI or DWI arrest, and it is something you might be interested in using too. You will have to get a judge to approve it, though, and here are some things to know if you are interested in asking the judge for an ROR.

You Will Have to Ask at Your Arraignment Hearing

After an arrest, you will end up in jail and will likely have to attend an arraignment hearing within a few days of your arrest. This hearing has several purposes, and one of the purposes is to determine your options for getting out of jail. At this hearing, you have the right to request an ROR. This means that the judge would allow you to get out of jail on your word. You would need no cash at all for the bail. The jail would simply release you because the judge ordered it.

The Judge Will Base the Decision on Many Factors

You might think that this is the perfect solution for your situation, but it is important to know that a judge will not always approve this request. The judge is going to evaluate the entire situation to see if this is a good idea. If the judge feels you are a flight risk at all, there is very little chance that he or she would approve this. If you have a long criminal history, the judge is also not likely to approve it. There are many factors that will affect this decision.

The Alternative Option You Have to Get Out of Jail

When a judge denies this request, it will leave you with only two options. The first is to come up with the cash needed to pay your bail, and the second is to hire a bail bondsman to pay the cash for you. Both options require cash, but you would need less cash with the second option.

If a judge approves your request, you can get out of jail right away and begin working on your case. If not, you can use a bail bondsman for help. Either way, you should consult with a criminal attorney for help, as you will need to prepare for your DUI charges.


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