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What Accident Victims Should Know About Lost Wages

Dolores Rice

Auto accidents impact victims in many ways but the financial aspects of it may catch many by surprise. It's a confusing time for victims because many assume that the at-fault driver's insurance company will cover their losses. As the bills pile up, however, it may become crystal clear that the insurer does not have the best interest of the victims in mind. The financial strain suffered by victims after a wreck can be traced, in part, to lost wages. To help you get the most out of the compensation you might be owed, read below and find out more.

Insurance and Lost Wages

Accident victims may be wasting their time if they expect the other guy's insurer to cover their lost wages. Most of the time, you must take legal action before that and a few other forms of damage can be considered. The most you can expect from the insurance company is payments for the most common medical expenses and the repair of your vehicle. Lost wages along with pain and suffering can be paid as long as you talk to a personal injury attorney and threaten to sue.

What Is Meant by Lost Wages?

Most accident victims lose at least a day or so from work but many lose so much more. You might be in the hospital for a week and then have to undergo rehabilitation for your injuries. Lost wages encompass all time missed from work that directly relates to the accident and that can include doctor's appointments, diagnostic testing, and more along with hospitalizations. Even your commute time to and from the doctor's office should be included in this bucket.

Proving and Keeping Up with Lost Wages

As soon as possible, begin a log of all time missed from work. List the dates, times, and reasons for your appointment or hospitalization. You will also need some form of proof of your income. That might be a letter from your work that indicates your hourly wage or salary. Also, gather together your most recent income tax forms, bank statement, and pay stubs or statements. The self-employed should set aside the most recent Schedule C (first page only).

Include Your Paid Time Off

If you are fortunate enough to have sick leave or other forms of paid time off available, you should not have to use that time because of the accident. If you did so in an attempt to keep your financial situation from getting worse, keep up with your time used and expect to be reimbursed for it.

Speak to your personal injury attorney to find out more about lost wages.


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