Letting Attorneys Help You

Letting Attorneys Help You

Know What You're Facing With Nursing License Defense

Dolores Rice

If you are a nurse, you likely have worked hard to get into your position.  If somebody or something threatens to take it away from you, you are likely looking for the tools to defend yourself.

Unfortunately, you may be in a position where you need to defend your nursing license. These are some of the things you need to know about defending your nursing license.

Several Types of Claims Exist

One type of claim is practice-related, which could indicate that you are accused of negligence or providing improper care. These are work-related incidents that could be linked to your performance or perceived performance at work.

Then, there are some claims that are behavioral. These are linked to your behavior outside the job, like crimes you are accused of. For example, you could lose your license to practice nursing based on allegations of driving under the influence.

There are a few things you need to defend yourself against. Accusations can be serious and including claims of drug use, criminal behavior, poor care, and poor reviews by peers. Any claim should be taken seriously, whether it's a patient complaint or an allegation of driving while under the influence.

There are other allegations you could face at work, such as:

  • Sexual assault and other violations
  • Lying to superiors
  • Chemical dependency
  • Malpractice
  • Unethical behavior
  • Failure to pay license fees

You should take each of these allegations seriously and hire an attorney to best defend yourself.

You Have the Right to Defend Yourself

When a claim is made against you that could damage your career, you have the right to representation. You can protect yourself so you can avoid losing your license for an unfair reason. If you fail to defend yourself, you could lose your license. This means you could be ineligible to work as a nurse now and in the future.

The Process Involves Many Interviews

Interviews can be difficult to go through when you are facing serious allegations. You may want to have somebody on your side who prevents you from incriminating yourself, for example. Your attorney helps you avoid providing information that could hurt you.

Hire a Nursing License Defense Team

A nursing license defense attorney can defend your nursing license when the time comes. You deserve to have somebody available who can defend you and help you keep your career if possible. Consult with a nursing license defense attorney today to learn more.


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