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Who Do You Need To Name In Your Car Accident Lawsuit?

Dolores Rice

When you've been in a car accident, you have the right to receive full compensation for your injuries. However, in order to obtain compensation, you need to handle your lawsuit the right way. This includes naming the right parties in your lawsuit.

The Other Driver

The other driver is pretty obvious. Most of the time, one of the drivers is at direct fault for the accident. Common driver errors that cause accidents include following too closely, unsafe lane changes, and running red lights or stop signs. Mechanical problems that lead to an accident such as failures with the brakes, steering, or tires can also be the fault of the driver if the problem was the result of not keeping up with maintenance.

Even if you don't think the other driver has any money, it's important to name them. You can receive a judgment to preserve your right to collect in the future if they later become able to pay you.

The Other Driver's Insurance

You also need to name the other driver's insurance when you file a lawsuit. While they mainly answer to their customer, they have a legal obligation to pay out valid claims under the policy.

In some accidents, the damages may be clear enough that the other driver's insurance company will just pay you the full value of the claim. However, in many cases, you need to negotiate, threaten to sue, or actually sue before you can get the full compensation you're entitled to. To preserve your right to collect, you need to make sure the insurance company is properly brought into the lawsuit.

The Car Manufacturer

Some accidents can be caused by a flaw in the design of the car. For example, an SUV manufacturer may have a problem with rollovers that could lead to them being sued.

You may not always know exactly how the accident happened or if the problem was a lack of maintenance by the driver or a flaw in the car. Naming the car manufacturer lets you pursue both options.

The Road Maintainer

A limited number of accidents may also be caused by road problems, such as improperly marked construction zones or a traffic light that showed green in both directions. If this is a possibility in your accident, you also want to name the local government or private company that's responsible for that section of the road.

A car accident attorney can help you prepare and argue your case. To learn more about how to start your car accident lawsuit, contact a local car accident attorney today.


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