Letting Attorneys Help You

Letting Attorneys Help You

Going Through A Divorce? 3 Things Your Lawyer Will Tell You To Do Before Your Divorce Is Finalized

Dolores Rice

Unfortunately, many couples find themselves considering divorce due to disconnection, disagreements, or other irreconcilable differences. If your marriage is heading for a divorce, here are things your attorney will request you to pursue before finalizing your divorce. 

1. Gather essential documents related to your marital assets

If you're sure you want to end your marriage, it's difficult to tell if your spouse will be cooperative or make the process challenging. Therefore, a divorce lawyer will ask you to gather any important information related to your marital assets. Some of the most important documents your lawyer will use during the divorce process include your investment or retirement account statements and tax returns. These are vital documents for property division and handling issues such as child support and alimony. If you gather these documents early, your attorney can help you get a better outcome.

2. Close all joint credit accounts with your spouse

Before you finalize your divorce, your attorney will request that you close the joint credit accounts you may have with your spouse. This is important because it ensures that you both don't run charges you may be held liable for later. If you're unable to settle the amount owed, request your creditor to freeze the accounts. Following a successful divorce, the balances owed on the credit account will have to be settled by the party responsible for such debt. In addition, you must ensure that you pay your credit card bills. It takes time before you can finalize your divorce, and late payment can hurt your credit score.

3. Undertake a thorough analysis of your finances

When it comes to getting a divorce, you must know your financial situation. Understand that failing to critically examine your financial position can lead to an unjust allocation of funds. That said, you may find it necessary to seek the services of an accountant, but a simple balance indicating your debts and assets works fine.

With a detailed balance sheet including credit cards, bank accounts, real estate properties, and other debts, you'll have a better idea of what you and your spouse can split. Additionally, the balance sheet can help you budget the amount to spend on the divorce process.

Divorce can be a complicated experience. That's why the services of a divorce lawyer are helpful to ensure that you get the best outcome and that the process is as smooth as possible.


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