Letting Attorneys Help You

Letting Attorneys Help You

Important Things To Know When Defending Yourself Against A Criminal Charge

Dolores Rice

Being charged with a crime can be a serious situation that you will have to navigate very carefully. Otherwise, you may actually negatively impact the quality of the defense that you are able to mount.

Hire The Criminal Defense Lawyer As Soon As Possible

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible should be a priority for anyone that is facing a criminal charge. A lengthy delay in hiring a criminal defense attorney can leave you vulnerable to a number of challenges with your defense. For example, it could be easy to make a mistake and incriminate yourself further or even implicate yourself in other crimes. Having an attorney to represent you throughout these proceedings can help to ensure that your rights are being protected and that a quality defense is being mounted against the charges.

Be Truthful With Your Attorney

A common issue that some defendants will have can be the assumption that they should not be truthful with their attorney. This can lead to them misrepresenting the facts surrounding the case. While it can be difficult for a person to admit the mistakes or poor decisions that they have made, it can be essential to be as truthful as possible. Misleading your attorney can compromise their ability to defend you in the proceedings. Furthermore, the truth of the case will eventually be revealed anyway. This is particularly important during the initial consultation with the criminal defense attorney as they will likely ask you numerous questions about the incident that led to your criminal charges.

Be Able To Inform The Attorney What You Have Already Told The Police

It is generally advisable for individuals to avoid answering the police or discussing the facts of the case with them until a criminal defense attorney is present. The things that you say to the police can be entered into evidence during the proceedings. Not surprisingly, a criminal defense attorney will want to know what you told the police following your arrest. Unfortunately, the process of being arrested and criminally charged can be extremely stressful, which can lead to individuals having a difficult time remembering all of the details of their arrest. Spending some time reflecting on the arrest prior to meeting with your attorney will provide you with a chance to refresh your memory so that you avoid leaving out important details concerning the information and answers that you gave the police as this may greatly impact the defense options that are available.

For more information on how to defend against a criminal charge, contact a criminal defense lawyer near you.


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