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Letting Attorneys Help You

Why Nursing Home Abuse Is More Common Than You Think

Dolores Rice

While most people consider nursing home abuse to be quite rare, it may occur more often than you think. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is easy to hide. So, why might abuse be more common than you think? Here's what you should know before starting a nursing home abuse case.

Nursing Home Abuse Is Commonly Unreported

Nursing home abuse is incredibly serious, and it is also often unreported. Unreported crimes allow the original abuse to continue being perpetuated. When crimes are not reported, they continue to occur, and more people living in nursing homes may continue to be abused.

Some of the Signs Are Hard to Spot

One of the biggest problems with spotting nursing home abuse is that some of the symptoms occur in the form of emotional distress or personality changes. These same symptoms can also be associated with the signs of mental health issues or concerns like dementia, which means that family members and loved ones may continue to be confused.

Many Factors Contribute to Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse does not always occur out of anger. Sometimes, it occurs out of poor training and even shortages in staff members. Many people recognize abuse as an effect of anger or maliciousness, but in many cases, people do not pay attention to other contributing factors.

Victims Are Often Ashamed & Scared

Many victims of nursing home abuse are unable to speak up, but in some cases, people are also ashamed or scared to speak about the abuse. For example, your loved one might be afraid to be honest with you because they will still be living in the nursing home where the abusive individual works.

Protection Can Be Difficult When You Don't Know What Happened

When you do not know what kind of abuse occurred, you may struggle to protect your loved one. You may not realize that you need to move your loved one into another nursing home or that you might be able to pursue a nursing home abuse case.

Speak With a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

A nursing home abuse lawyer can provide more guidance about how to proceed. Even though nursing home abuse does not happen at every home, it is still important that you ensure that your loved ones are safe and that they receive the compensation that they deserve if they have not been kept safe.

Contact a local nursing home abuse lawyer to learn more. 


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