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Family Law: How Can A Family Law Attorney Help When You're Suffering Domestic Violence?

Dolores Rice

If you or someone you love is suffering from domestic violence, it's important to seek help as soon as possible. It's important to remember that you're not alone in this situation. About 1 in 4 females and 1 in 7 males have been victims of domestic violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. A family law attorney can help you navigate the legal system and work toward a resolution in your best interests. Here's how they can help when you're suffering from domestic violence:

1. Obtaining a Restraining Order

A restraining order prohibits the abuser from having any contact with the victim. This includes contact by phone, email, or in person. An attorney can help you file for a restraining order and represent you in court to obtain the order. This order can provide a sense of safety and security for you and your loved ones, as it legally prohibits the abuser from coming near you or your home.

2. Helping You Seek Custody of Your Children

If you're a victim of domestic violence, it's important to ensure that your children are safe. Your attorney can help you seek custody of your children and ensure that they are protected from abuse.

This can include sole or joint custody arrangements and supervised visitations for the abuser. Your attorney can help you gather evidence of the abuse, such as police reports and medical records, to present in court to support your case for custody.

3. Assisting with Property Division

If you're going through a divorce as a result of domestic violence, a family law attorney will seek a fair and equitable division of your property. This can include dividing assets such as your home, cars, and bank accounts. Your attorney can also help you negotiate a fair alimony or spousal support agreement, which can provide financial support for you during and after the divorce.

4. Helping You With Child Support

A family law attorney can help get child support from the abuser, which can provide financial support for your children. This can include calculating the appropriate amount of child support based on the abuser's income and expenses, as well as enforcing the child support order if necessary.

5. Providing Emotional Support

Domestic violence can be a traumatic experience. Your attorney will connect you to resources that can provide emotional support and guidance throughout the legal process, which can help you cope with the trauma of domestic violence. This can include helping you understand the legal process, answering your questions, and providing guidance on how to stay safe during the process.

If you or someone you love is suffering from domestic violence, don't hesitate to seek help. Contact a family law attorney today and start taking steps toward a better future. Remember that you have the right to live a life free from abuse and violence.


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