Letting Attorneys Help You

Letting Attorneys Help You

  • Tips To Help You Fight Your Criminal Charges

    If you did not commit the crime that the police arrested you for, you can choose to fight your case in court. Fighting a case costs money and time, but it can also be your way to an innocent verdict. How do you convince the court that you did not commit the crime in question? Here are some tips to consider using as you begin working on your criminal defense case.

  • How a Family Law Attorney Can Help With Child Custody

    When parents are divorcing, one of the contentious issues involves child custody. The courts will often favor the mother over the father for child custody. However, under certain circumstances, the father may be the right person to get custody of the child. Here are situations when you need a family law attorney to help you win a sole custody case. You're the Better Custodial Parent When the court rules on child custody, they usually look out for the child's best interests.

  • Built Your Own Business? How To Protect It During Divorce

    For most people with a small business they've built up over the years, sharing their business with their ex-spouse after a divorce is not ideal. While it's technically possible to co-operate a business with an ex, it's hard to get the balance right and many businesses don't survive this situation. So, how can you help ensure that your ex doesn't end up with half your business? Here are four things you can do to save it.

  • Who Do You Need To Name In Your Car Accident Lawsuit?

    When you've been in a car accident, you have the right to receive full compensation for your injuries. However, in order to obtain compensation, you need to handle your lawsuit the right way. This includes naming the right parties in your lawsuit. The Other Driver The other driver is pretty obvious. Most of the time, one of the drivers is at direct fault for the accident. Common driver errors that cause accidents include following too closely, unsafe lane changes, and running red lights or stop signs.

  • Know What You're Facing With Nursing License Defense

    If you are a nurse, you likely have worked hard to get into your position.  If somebody or something threatens to take it away from you, you are likely looking for the tools to defend yourself. Unfortunately, you may be in a position where you need to defend your nursing license. These are some of the things you need to know about defending your nursing license. Several Types of Claims Exist

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